A strong man of the mountains is hit by MS


Dear Valdo, time is running out, but a dear friend has asked my advice on how he can face his illness, MS which appeared many years ago. Giovanni is a strong man from the mountains who dedicated his life to teaching sport to many young people. Inspite of the illness, he never curtailed his efforts in this commitment.

A new medicine with many doubts


Now the crossroads he has to face is near, in as much as the manifestations and the set backs are increasing their frequency. The interferon now seems to be totally useless. Doctors are prescribing a new drug, but the doubts about using it are overwhelming!

The fateful day is the day after tomorrow, the 18th of January.


I am now actively proposing that he adopts the Hygienist alternative, and after having read your theses on the subject, I believe in the gradual recovery of a healthy body from every form of disease. However I have to be able to provide him with elements needed to give him hope, a different vision, to give him a new way of living which will allow him to best face his emergency situation.Unless the patient refuses, on the 18th of January, the new extremely dangerous treatment will begin!

The course and prospective therapy of the disease


Giovanni who is not a vegan was born in 1964. His illness proceeded as follows:

–          First appearance 1995. Successive: 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, feb 2009, april 2010, nov 2010.

–          Terapy with interferon (Rebif 22) dal 2002, suspended in Dicember 2010.

–          Proposal by the Centre of  Neurology in Bolzano: therapy started on 18/1/2011 with Tysabri (principle active ingredient: natalizumab).

Is there a margin of recovery in hygienistic terms?


In your opinion are we still in time for a recovery?  

Do you know anyone who has already taken this path? If you have time, please write me even a brief, private note. A few lines of confirmation will do.

I never stop reading your writings and following your suggestions with great joy and a profound sense of gratitude.





There don’t exist people alive in body, mind and spirit, incapable of recovering.


Dear Franco, regarding the first anxious question as to whether we are still in time to recover your friend through natural hygiene, the answer is yes.

It often escapes us that as long as a person is alive, there is a body which, for better or for worse, works and has every desire, every intention and all the predisposition to restore normality and to heal itself, not necessarily by miracles.

The principle of incurability is flour from the doctors’ sack


The body never goes against itself, on condition that it is allowed the correct operating conditions, without obstructions and obstacles, without the interference of drugs.

This is not some crackpot opinion, but the laws of nature.

Laws that contrast violently with the medical culture based on the pessimist and terrorist principle of incurability, which is most convenient as it pushes every patient towards desperation and defeat on the operating table, or in some other extreme treatment.

Honour to the memory of a cobbler-scientist called Antonio Grassi


Many years ago in Udine there was a cobbler by profession who, behind his modest shoe shop, ran a very high level technical-scientific studio. He also made therapeutic inner soles Grassi, which he sold in pharmacies all over Italy. He was a therapist, as modest as he was ingenious and his name was Antonio Grassi.

Every evening clients arrived for him from across the border


In the evening, after having adusted shoes and the dainty slippers of beautiful ladies who promenaded in Piazzale Chiavris, he would receive people who often   arrived in luxury limousines from Austria and Germany. Grassi was spoken about in national magazines like Oggi e Gente (People Today), other than in daily newspapers.

I met him personally as in those days I did interviews with strange people in Friuli for the Messaggero Veneto.

He was definitely an extraordinary person.

He told me his story and I had the honour not only of knowing him well, but also of becoming his friend.

He was considered to be one of the very rare world specialists able to cure MS


He could read people’s auras and thereby explain what problems they had. It was said he often cured a disease that many people complained of in Germany, and for which the doctors could do nothing. It was multiple sclerosis, which he called platelet sclerosis (a placche). I don’t have the details of how many people he treated and how many were cured. But it’s not hard to believe that Grassi had positive results using non invasice methods close to those approved of by natural hygiene.

Vegetarian, hygienist and against every medical cure


A vegetarian he was.  A Hygienist as well, as is confermed by a silly, little red book similar to Marx’s.

Learning to cure ourselves was the title of the work written in 1973.

Ii i salso importante to quote the sub title, highlighted on the cover: Our feet and our hands tell us what our health is like, and indicate the remedies to cure us. I am sure that Grassi was very averse to all medical treatment.


To overcome pathologies, from the simplest to the most complex, what is needed is Hygienist culture


The first thing to do remains, in every case, to close the tap with the poisons, and certainly not to open a new poisonous channel of the medical kind.

The second is that of internal detoxification, conducted with integrity, consistency and patience, with the force of organic water, and the gradual and accelerated exchange of our internal waters.

And it is exacly here that everything breaks down.

If people are not able to maintain a minimum of hygienist culture, or even the antique medical culture of the Salernitan School, how can we even dream of getting out of the mess?

We won’t even cure a common cold, or colitis, or tumours, let alone multiple sclerosis!

The rules of the cure are the normal ones, those that you can find in all my theses


Breathing, water, sun, light food, the desire to heal, confidence in the healing process, movement and rest alternately, are the only possible methods

I am attaching one of my theses on the subject.

However thinking about the date of the day after tomorrow, and about the cures proposed by medicine, I want to add something more, so that Giovanni may really have all the possible elements by which to judge what to do.

The four fierce enemies of humanity


Right from the beginning, remember that 4 principle life-styles are precisely and absolutely responsible for all metabolic diseases, includinf multiple sclerosis:

1)      A very bad dieta (animal protein and animal fat are at the top of the list, then come salt, sugar, coffee, alcohol, and cooked food as accessaries)   

2)      Chemico – pharmacological pollution (drugs, vaccines, iatrogenous factors).

3)      Stress.

4)      Lack of physical exercise.

What  is the mortal damage that the 4 satans cause in the human body?


A)    A high level of cholesterol, or too much fat in the blood.  In technical terms lipotoxemia.

B)    Chronic weakening of the immune system..

An extraordinary clinic in America


The best clinic in the world, in my opinion, is  that of Dr. Robert Pritikin, who since 1985 has taken under his own direction the Pritikin Longevity Center, the clinic which was founded by his famous father Nathan Pritikin.

Robert lives with his wife Christine in Santa Monica-California, Headquarters of the Pritikin Centre, which has an important branch in Miami-Florida (,

In 25 years 70 thousand people have benefitted with success from the recovery programmes, being cured of arterial sclerosis, diabetes, angina, hypertension, obesity, lameness, sclerosis and other chronic diseases completely without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

A sensational modern healing


A drammatic and sensational modern feat of healing was performed when 3 boys of the same family were cured contemporarily. All three, confined to wheelchairs for years, and subjected to the trauma and unbearable stress of having a violent, alcoholic father, were suddenly cured when the father transferred himself to the countryside, stopped drinking, detoxified himself and adopted the Pritikin diet in 1980. (An article that recounted the event, was published by the Sydney Daily Mirror in 1981, entitled Pritikin Miracles).

What is multiple sclerosis?


However let us examine what this monster called multiple sclerosis actually is.

We are dealing with a disease of the nervous system where the protective sheaths of the nerve fibres become damaged locally, causing a vast series of consequences and symptoms.

Scarse muscular coordination, double vision, temporary blindness, speech impediments, loss of equilibrium, and uncoordinated movments of the hands and the limbs are typical symptoms of this pathology which has ever more victims throughout the whole world

Wherever does this pathology come from?


What causes all these abberant phenomena? 

Is it perhaps a curse of some cynical satanic priest?

Is it perhaps a strange virus emitted from some flying saucer?

Do we have to accept the medical verdicts such as auto.immune, lantanic, idiopathic or cryptogenic?

Some aetiopathogenetic data

Do we have to believe in a medicine incapable of explaining itself, and explaining what we are dealing with, and that continues to use corticosteroids, interferons and other substances, certainly not in order to resolve the pathology, but at maximum to attenuate the symptoms and their frequency.

The only things that we know are that alcoholism, intestinal dysfunction, poor absorption of food, lack of the B group vitamins and in particular vitamin B9 and B12, can play an important role.

The entire blame lies in fatty and toxic blood, in lipotoxemia


For hygienism things are much more clear and simplei.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are unequivocally caused by high viscocity of the blood, by the devil with horns, called lipotoxemia. Lipotoxemia produces scarse cellulare oxygenation. Dense blood is a awful transporter of nutrients and oxygen.

A disease as serious and invalidating as it is banal.

The myelinic sheaths always become damaged at certain points and not at others 


The myelinic nerve sheaths become damaged at precise points, i.e. at the critical points where the exchange of blood and lymph occur, where the physiologically and normally the blood circulation slows down where the thin, little lymphatic veins of the brain and the spinal cord receive blood from the capillaries, in the return circuit to the heart.

The same old bogus interpretations


At the points where the myelinc sheaths are damaged, minute little plaques grow and around them lymphocites proliferate. This makes certain researchers believe that the lymphocites themselves are the cause of the problem. The same old defect of those who can’t see beyond their own noses. In reality the lymphocites are only a consequence. They do their job of continual reconnaissance, and end up there.

The worst enemy is as always, the one called fat


The cause of it all is the lack of oxygen carried to the cells.

A diet of meat and heavy digestion are the primary causes of blood viscosity. Then alcohol in the body produces the same effect as stress, in as much as it causes nervous and hormonal disturbances, and carries pure lipotoxaemic blood, i.e. excess fat in the blood, and at the same time immobilizing the enzymes in charge of oxygenation.


The remedies are identical to those used for the autolysis of tumours


The corrective measures of MS are identical to those to be used against tumours, diabetes and arthritis.

Which means to say, fasting, light or distilled water, fructarian semi-fasting, a vegan, tendentially raw food diet. With only one difference. The remission (or self-healing) of tumours can be obtained in a few days, or a few weeks, due to the autolysis of the tumour itself. With multiple sclerosis one needs more patience, more determination and more time. Sometimes for a cure, several months are needed. Why so? Because nerve fibres need more time to regenerate.

Professor Russell’s important anti-therapeutic sentence


Professor W. Ritchie Russell, from the neurological clinica at Oxford, author of the MS test, control of the disease, 1976, is even now listed amongst the most famous specialists in the sector.

He never treated his patients in any way.

In fact he had realized that MS was caused by very precise circumstantial life-styles, like high levels of stress, being over-worked, over-tired, and a debilitated physical form, for which no other possible remedial action existed, except that of correcting those same factors.

Tortoise-like circulation, the fruit of protein-maniac diets


The prime motive of sclerosis remains the tortoise-circulation, slowed down by the absurd foods recommended by doctors. In as much as MS is frequent where cardiac and coronary disease is also frequent. MS is also frequent where one finds a lot of migraine and diabetes. Athletes in full activity are are immune from MS. Those that stop excercising, on the other hand, are not. Labourers who work hard in assembly lines for 40 hours a week, are immune from MS, while the disoccupied  and the redundant are not. The first group can’t eat for hours on end. The others, remaining at home, keep ready at their disposal in the fridge, salami, ham and cheese, as well as some bottles of good wine.

A disease particularly unadapted to medical treatment


These considerations are sufficient for us to say that multiple sclerosis can and must be conquered, all said and done, in a rather banal fashion, and without drugs. However one has to be methodical, constant, coherent, patient and confident. All these characteristics are lacking in today’s neurotic world.

To put it bluntly, multiple sclerosis appears to be a pathology totally alien and unadapted to

Medicine, which is good at intervening on the level of symptoms. But not all of them, only those that they are able to manipulate quickly, so as to eventually be able to say to their clients See I have cured you.

It’s not our business!


If medicine were even a fraction wiser and wide- awake, it would say to MS patients, I’m sorry but this is not our business. Rather, wanting to embrace everything that exists on the level of illness, medicine offers itself as a solution to this problem as well. It doesn’t even know how to cure a common cold, and it pretends to cure MS. And obviously it does so with a stack of pharmaceutical remedies in the palm of its hand. They have to actually give you something physically, if only in order to be paid.

The latest drug, or the most insidious of the series

Does interferon not work?  Here we have the latest Tysabri, from Biogen Idec & Elan Pharmaceuticals,

which has cured 40,000 subjects, 20,800 in the USA and 18,500 in other places. A miraculous drug? Not at all. Only it is more irritating and slit-throat than the beta-interferon.

Is it possible to attenuate or decrease the frequency of the attacks? Even I could do it, by giving patients a hammer blow on the head and knocking them unconscious. And in fact it cannot be said that that a hammering on the head is less effective, and at the same time less dangerous than Tysabri.

An authentic hammer blow to the most important organ that we have – the liver

It is true that only one out of 1,000 patients undergoing treatment, end up being subjected to the terrible progressive, multifocal, leuco-encephalopathy (PML), a serious inflammation of the nervous system caused, according to the people who removed corpses during the plague, by a virus called JC.

However nobody adds that there is a heavy range of undesired effects, with inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) yellowing of the skin, malfunctioning of the liver and the gall bladder and abnormal, dark colouration of the urine. A good blow to the liver can do even more harm than one to the head.

Valdo Vaccaro –  Technical Director,  AVA-Roma e ABIN-Bergamo. English translation by Nandini