(Conferences at the AVA in Rome on 13 Jan 2011, and in Udine on 17 Dec 2010 and 20 Jan 2011).
 English translation by Nandini.

Some premises about terminology
In common language we indifferently use terms as hygiene, hygienism, natural hygiene, health science or hygienistic science, to express the same concept which is precisely the  material that we study and the philosophy of life that we choose. In this lecture for convenience we will prevalently use the term hygiene.

As even now, many doubts, misunderstandings and incomprehensions persist regarding exactly what hygienism means, we will take this opportunity to repeat and to focus on certain concepts and details in order to get these uncertainties out of the way. These clarifications assume particular importance above all in relation to the way hygienists do or do not intervene in the presence of various pathologies.

The meaning of hygienism leaves no room for doubt

Hygiene means something very precise and circumstantial such as:

A)    No cadaverine in the mouth nor in the saliva, or in the breath or the blood, in gastric burps, in the urine (excess of ammonia) in the stools (prevalence of pathological putrefactive bacteria over saprophytic-plant originated and symbiotic bacteria).

B)    Loads of physical, mental, spiritual, sexual and emotional well-being.

C)    Extraordinary kundalini and vital force

D)    Impeccable karmic record; clean not because of final heavenly style prizes or other similar banalities, but as a function of our simple daily self esteem (a kind of inalienable display which is extremely important to the economy of  the well-being of everyone).

McCarthyism and the communist devil


In a veteran capitalist society like that of post-war America, even the word ‘communism’ made one shudder, even just the red flag unleashed schizophrenic reactions such as McCarthyism, a kind of regurgitation of the medieval inquisition, with an overwhelming fear of the devil – not of the normal one with horns and a tail, but of the red, soviet, social-communist devil. The symbol of visceral anti-communism was Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957) who saw suspects and spies hidden in every corner. McCarthyism however preceded the vertiginous political rise of the Republican senator of Wisconsin, and continued for decades, even after he was censured by the Senate in 1954, for his disastrous inquiry into the ambit of the American army.

Medicalization is Hygiene’s devil


In a veteran, medicalized, neo-monatta (monatti were the removers of corpses during the plague) society, like the one of today, exactly the same thing happens whenever the word hygiene is heard. There is a silencing, mud slinging, contempt, indifference, under-estimation, derision, prejudice, distortion. Every means not to talk about it, or to run it down, is the order of the day.

Hygiene is a prime shooting target of the Codex Alimentarius* (see at the end) and the multinationals because it represents a scientific and cultural obstacle to their expansion.

Why all this? Why is there all this furore against something that people are not only appreciating, but to which they are also demonstrating their appreciation of with clamorous testimonials to its methodological and cultural usefulness?

There are a host of reasons, not excluding professional jealousy, the fear of totally losing their reputation, and of seeing all their basic theories about viruses and bacteria, together with their alimentary choices based on protein-mania, B12ism, and the use of vitamin and mineral supplements, being  proved to be  false and given the lie to.

However the most basic, and most obvious motive is what hygienism represents to the actual medico-pharmaceutical gangs in power, an insurmountable scientific obstacle, much worse than the one communism was to senator McCarthy.

Respect for natural laws and for universal love


Natural hygiene is none other than the real original medicine. Medicine with a capital M. The absolute and transparent friend of man, to whom he turned. It is without ulterior motives, and its only aim is to bring the patient back to the same condition that he/she was in, before becoming ill and losing his/her equilibrium. Hygienism is a historical course that has never disappeared and which remains in the intimate consciousness of each and all.

A subject matter which has as its ideological basis, respect for natural and divine laws, such as the law of cause and effect, or that of  self equilibrium, or that of corporal nonviolence towards oneself, and on an ethical-philosophical basis, the only real divine commandment is the one that says, Love your neighbour as yourself.

The Hippocratic Basis of the Science of Hygiene


Hygienism has as its war-horse, the Hippocratic testament that defines Nature as the Sovereign Medicatress of all Ills, who admonishes every therapy with an eloquent, First Do No Harm, and who reminds every medical- nutritionist that Air is the Prime Food, and that No miraculous pharmaceutical exists, other than natural food.

Hygiene is the thorn in the side of the ruling cure-mania


Hygiene represents a lethal weapon and a thorn in the side of all the therapeutic schools that depart from healthy principle. Hygiene is the implacable enemy of the ruling cure-maniacs in all their forms and variations. It is the enemy of allopathy, homeopathy, macrobiotics, herbal-molecular, and even of naturopathy and herbalism, to the extent that they claim to be substitutes for basic self healing methods. The heavier, more invasive and unnatural the cures are, the more they are distant from hygienism. The more cures tend towards acting on symptoms, the more they diverge from natural hygiene.

The demential course of control-mania


Hygiene is the enemy of the demential race of control-mania, of visit-mania, of test-mania, of mammographies, seeing that the measured values are often constitutional or physiological, conjunctional or momentary, symptomatic not pathological, variable and not stable (from morning to evening, seasonal or between seasons), incomplete and thus untrustworthy, politicized artifacts in the fixation of ranges, and thus unscientific and not universal. Without taking into account the very serious and well ascertained damage caused by the tests, with regard to levels of tension, stress and emotional trauma, which paradoxically become the cause of the pathologies that they seek to ascertain.

Nature doesn’t mean poisons and doesn’t mean administering pharmaceuticals


The measuring stick of judgment is the eco-compatibility in the thoughts, in the behaviour and in the ethical relevance of therapeutic and alimentary choices.

Sovereign Nature, said Hippocrates. Sovereign Nature, at the human level, means an immune system and the capacity to heal oneself. Sovereign Nature is surely not a pharmakon, which in Greek means ‘poison’. Nature is certainly not the doctor of today, too frequently an eminent administrator of potions and concoctions, if not even a casual, shameless remover of vital glands and organs.

The rigorous distinction between symptoms to be respected and behavioural illnesses to be defeated


In hygiene the cure of symptoms doesn’t exist. Symptoms are red lights to be respected. The fight is against the real causes of the disequilibrium. Determining the polluting and intoxicating sources, hermetically closing the tap of poisons, and erecting a barricade and a portcullis. This is hygienism. In hygienism there exist no physiological or psychological diseases to be eradicated, but only precious eliminative crises that are needed to discharge poisons and detoxify the organism. Illnesses that are needed to re-establish the way out. Illnesses which are needed to transform a clogged up, flooded and disorientated human motor, into a clean, efficient motor which is motivated and highly efficient.

There are no monsters called viruses and bacteria, but only dead parts of ourselves, and precious dirt-eating partners


In hygiene there don’t exist extraneous, foreign viruses, nor those gifted-by-others. What exists are the debris of dead cells coming from ourselves, which due to our incorrect way of living, we are not able to recycle and then expel. Then if strange, exogenous viruses do arrive from viral dust, they are easily engulfed and eliminated by our very well equipped defences. In hygiene strange, foreign bacteria don’t exist, but only precious aerobic, symbiotic, saprophytic ones, which often exclusively due to our negligence, become disbiotic, anaerobic and putrefied. The simple proof of fasting, and with it the disappearance of all bacterio-viral accumulations, unequivocally demonstrates the medical farce related to viruses and bacteria. In any case bacteria both multiply and regress exponentially in relation to the accumulated filth, and to the detoxifying processes that we are able to impose. The medical concept of morbidity (i.e. infection) of transmission, and the monstrosity of viruses and bacteria, is clamorously proved to be wrong by the simple proof of the distilled water fast, where within a few days, without any ‘cure’, without pharmaceuticals or vaccines, a patient loaded with micro-organisms, is not only not devoured and destroyed and reduced to a pulp by the little monsters, as is predicted and expected by the corpse gatherers in power, but they recover completely, and return to a normal, active life.

Being the cause of inflammation is very different from being the consequence of it


In hygiene therefore, there are no bubonic plagues, no infections, no corpse gatherers, no plague spreaders and lazzarettos. In hygiene viruses and bacteria, even when they are too numerous during pathological peak periods, are not at all the defining cause of fevers and inflammations, but are always and only the consequences of them, which is something very different. Bacterio-viral proliferations are children not mothers, effects and not precursors of inflammations.

Tons of pharmaceuticals poured onto planet Earth by medicine, only poisons to the roots


Doctors unload onto the population of the world, tons of pharmaceuticals and anti-inflammatories. They believe and make us believe that inflammations called ‘itis’ – like gastritis, hepatitis, vasculitis, colitis, pulmonitis, appendicitis, tonsillitis, etc, represent diseases to be eradicated, and not quite the opposite; innocent and useful local symptoms of a serious disease unleashed somewhere else. They believe and make us believe that when the little pain is made to disappear, when the little crisis called influenza is prevented or put a stop to, when the tumour is cut out, people are cured.

What really makes people sick? The memorable words of Florence Nightingale


Is it not perhaps continuously living in a wrong way that makes people sick? Is it not maybe factors like pure air and internal cleanliness that make us feel well, and polluted air and filth in the intestines that make people feel bad? Are all the diseases in the world not perhaps natural reactions to unimaginably absurd, stressful conditions that we ourselves create? Superb doctors and ignorant women have taught me to be afraid of fevers, scarlet fever, measles and various diseases that are contemptuously labeled as ‘infective’. The fact is that contagion and infection don’t exist! What exists are conditions that make people sick.

Lessons of a great woman to the weak and fragile minds of medicine.

One can’t classify diseases into categories, like dogs and cats


The doctrine of specific, contagious and hostile diseases is the refuge of the weak and fragile minds of medicine. It needed a woman with qualities, a woman like Florence Nightingale (1823-1910) to express the best words ever pronounced in the medial arena, and so to give a subtle lesson in therapeutic intelligence to the entire arrogant, presumptuous, typically macho, barons and big professors of the art of medicine.

The re-equilibrium called health is always the work of the immune system


For hygiene no healing exists except self-healing. To say, “I healed you” is boastful credit, is medical charlatanry, is priestly witchcraft. In between we have got placebo effects, independent collateral effects (from air and water cures which many therapists resort to), nutritional effect (virtuous diets), individual effects (large resources of patients). But it is always the organism which re-equilibrates itself through its immune system.

Allergies and intolerances


In hygiene no real fixed allergies exist, but only human bodies impregnated and saturated beyond all probability, intoxicated beyond their limits of tolerance. Allergies and intolerances should not be confused with the natural immune reactivity to incompatible substances like meat-proteins and the casein in milk products. In such cases the lack of allergic and anti-tolerance reactions would actually be pathological. It would be like expecting a child, in his purity and gastric sensitivity, not to demonstrate a strong aversion and intolerance to tobacco smoke or alcohol. It would be like thinking that the alcoholic who gulps down large bottles of wine without becoming drunk, does so due to his high anti-allergic resistance, rather than due to quite the opposite, the extreme weakness of his stumped immune system.


No vaccines, pharmaceuticals or transplants and surgical operations only in true emergencies


In hygiene there are no pharmaceuticals and vaccines, and no operations if not in extreme cases and only when super-justified. There are no transplants and no cloning. One thing is to repair without damaging others and oneself; something quite different is substituting human parts (by ransacking other creatures) and then filling the recipients with deadly immunosuppressant drugs. This is more medical adventurism, than a reparative ameliorative humanitarian mission. Hygiene emphasizes the cure of ‘ non-cure’, the cure of non interference, the therapeutic fast, alimentation aligned and harmonized with our biological design, and a life-style chosen to be free of stress and ethical blunders.

The medicine that loves groping in the dark


He who tries to resolve any pathology without knowing its real causes, is like a blind man that gropes in the dark, wrote Sylvester Graham (1794-1851). The very great majority of medical cures enter into the category of curing only symptoms. So we are in the field of ignorance and of pernicious superstition (to put it like Alec Burton, president of International Hygienist Doctors) and in the field of pure voodooism (as Herbert Shelton said).

The classic hammer blow to the red light on the dashboard.

Authentic cures start with definite schemes and principles


All said and done, the rules for authentic cures are based on 5 principles:

A)    The process of cure is conducted by the body and only by the body. It is the live body which reacts to what we call dead, inert chemical products.

B)    The body always only acts in its own interests, and never goes against itself.

C)    Short term effects are the opposite of long term effects (like coffee which stimulates you when you assume it, but leaves you depressed during the phase of abstinence).

D)    Drugs don’t cure but only help to change the symptom. Drugs that cure your headache  ruin your stomach and your kidneys. Block one leak and open 3 even worse ones.

E)     The use of some drugs must be understood purely as a last resort or as an instrument of an unequivocal emergency. Pharmaceuticals are chemical power. They can cause one good collateral effect and a hundred unexpected negative collateral effects.

Hygienism is the friend of nature, of bio-diversity and of every living creature


Hygienism is a friend, not in words, but in deeds, of bio-diversity, of greenery, of the earth and of any creature that grows on it, that walks on it, that swims on it, that flies above it.

Hygienism is the friend of innocent, organic food, the friend of air and silence.

The friend of pleasant sounds, good music, the songs of blackbirds, nightingales, and green and gold finches, and certainly not of the frightening screams that echo through abattoirs, followed by the groans of the final extreme suffering.

Hygienism is the friend of the 4 classical elements: earth, water, air and fire that, together with the 5th element ether, vitalise themselves and become earth-life, water-chemistry, air-light and fire-warmth.

Hygienism is the mark of quality and of a guarantee


Every therapeutic method, every school of nutrition, every theory of health and disease must necessarily measure themselves up against hygiene; they have to pass through this filtering tunnel; they have to ask themselves whether or not they are in synchrony, and whether or not they are eco-compatible with the trio man-nature-animal that in synthesis, represents the symbol of creation.

Absolute independence from every centre of power


Hygienism is not a strange and alienated, snobbish and sophisticated ideology manoeuvred by some new centre of power, or by some state or some party. Not by the so-called ‘greens’, who are often the worst, the most involved in slaughterhouses, and in hunting and fishing. Hygienism is not run or supported by some religion or by some other centre of power. Who do you think finances tomatoes and artichokes, olives, figs and watermelons, cherries and persimmons? Definitely they are all precious, noble materials, but ones that often remain on the branches, considered not even worthy of being harvested.

Hygienism fully belongs to you


Hygienism does not come from far away. You yourselves are hygienism. It is your very heart, your intestine, your sex, your soul, your freedom, your saliva, and your breath that should no longer taste of blood, of a dead mouse, of the rotting carcasses of maltreated and slaughtered beings.

Hygienism is a recall to values that you already have in your consciousness


For some of you this discourse may have traumatic and upsetting effects, an impact almost like a head on collision. You came to listen to me, and maybe I’ve put terrible doubts into your heads. This is not so. I have only revived those doubts and sensations that were already nestling within you. Hygienism was already within you, though it was called by another name, a sense of spiritual uneasiness and alienation, a lack of enthusiasm for life and an irrepressible desire for change.

Behaving in an eco-compatible manner, or acting like bloodsuckers?  When you are at home, closely examine your thoughts, your habits, and your lines of reasoning.

Do I behave in the right way? As a person, am I a powerful, incisive friend of nature? Or am I an unbearable weight, a parasite and a bloodsucker with regard to her? Ecology doesn’t only belong to parks, gardens and woods. Ecology must live within us whether we are at home, in factories, in schools, in restaurants, in our cupboards and fridges, but above all in our minds.

Taking an oath with eyes blindfolded


Doctors swear on the oath of Hippocrates, it’s true. What is a pity is that they do it on the original version written in Aramaic hieroglyphics, so that they swear on something symbolic, not translated with the necessary clarity.

They do so a bit like the parish priests who in the past used to recite the mass memorized in Latin, without understanding 95% of what they said, except for the Amen and the  Fiat voluntas tua! (Thy will be done).

Hippocrates’s admonitions are not drawing room aphorisms, but eternal, universal principles


If they really knew what Hippocrates says, and if they knew how both eternal and topical his maxims are, sculpted in stone on a par with ‘Know Thyself’, they would think, not twice, but twenty times before signing and then committing perjury. Or maybe they think that it deals with some mouldy, antique wisdom which is no longer applicable, without knowing that the fundamental principles of living and dying, being eternal and universal, are not limited by space and time.

Six hundred years without doctors and pharmaceuticals, and with a lot of health


The ancient Romans were intimately aware of the glories of Sparta and Athens, and they also knew their themselves. They knew Hippocrates’s testament only too well and, as is described by Catone the Censor, they severely banned, i.e. outlawed, every medicine and every doctor, with the sole exception of some war surgeons and some bandagers. Not for six days, six weeks or for six months, but for six hundred years! Six centuries of total health based on raw cabbage, turnips and thistles, on dates and dried fruit, on barley and buckwheat, on carrots and legumes.

Cooked food caused the weakening of the human race. This was already known by Lucretius.


The Salernitan Medical School reintroduced these precepts of Pythagoras, Hippocrates and Galeno which referred to the precepts of living in accordance with nature, of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (121-180), Celso and Asclepiade (100 BC) and of Tito Lucretius (99-55 BC).

Lucretius since then remembered how cooked food had been the cause of the weakening of the human race, and of the shortening of human life, and how Greek Olympian athletes and the mythical Spartan troops nurtured themselves with raisins and dried figs, with pistachio and hazel nuts, cabbages and other greens vegetables, with roasted grains and chestnuts, a diet which was also followed by the legions of Julius Augustus Caesar (100-44 BC)

The historical importance of the Salernitan Medical School


This Salernitan institute was the most important western medical school from the VIII to the XIV century and which then closed in 1811 with Gioacchino Murat and the birth of the University of Naples. In the  XIII century the emperor Federico II (1194-1250), grandson  of  Federico Barbarossa, king of  Naples and of Sicily,  established with an edict that nobody in  Europe could exercise the medical profession, unless they had first attended and passed the courses of medicine at Salerno. What we still remains today are the Flos Medicinae Salerni, a collection of relevant hygienistic-sanitary precepts.

Redemption for humanity and ruin for the fish

But we don’t need to meticulously examine the history of hygienism. We find important doctors of yesterday and today who ideally associate themselves with our concepts. Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894), famous professor of anatomy and physiology at the University of Harvard wrote : “I firmly believe that if the entire ‘materia medica’ were to be deposited on the seabed and covered with sand,  this would mean the salvation for humanity, and ruin for the fish. Was this a matter of times gone by? If Holmes were alive today, he would have to multiply his assertion by three. Let us remember that he was also the founder of the US Supreme Court.

Many heavy-weight doctors were excited about the hygienistic spirit


Max Bircher-Benner (1867-1939), exclusive doctor to the Tsars of Russia, believed in rigid raw diets of fruit and vegetables. Albert Schweitzer (1878-1965) who used to go and visit his clients accompanied by Josephine, a little pig he found on the street and adopted, who followed him everywhere, used to huddle down near the client’s doors, waiting for his master to finish his visits.

Not to speak of Paracelso, of Max Pettenkofer, of Robert Mendelsohn and many others.

The disease is a natural attempt to re-establish normality


We hygienists maintain that pharmaceuticals, serums, vaccines, scalpels, hospitals, sanitary plans and the Codex pharmaco-alimentarius cannot and must not usurp the natural processes of the human organism. The nature of illness is defensive, remedial, reparative, eliminative, adaptive. The disease represents a natural attempt by the body to re-establish normality when the homeostasis is perturbed by unnatural causes.

Symptoms are not to be suffocated, but are to be brought to light


If the disease is a biological process, a journey that brings about recovery, that cures the disease, to defeat it or change its characteristics becomes a kick to its inner attributes, becomes a terrible misunderstanding, well and truly a goal scored against oneself by inexpert defenders.

It translates into serious damage, utopia, pernicious superstition. If a person recovers, he does so not because of the cure, but notwithstanding it.  He does it due to the placebo effect, or because he was already substantially healthy, or because he was endowed with a thick skin, or a strong vital fibre. The tragic errors of therapeutic systems, is not in the variety of methods used, but in the contradictory and absurd attempt to cure and defeat the symptom. Hygienism does not in any way direct itself towards suffocating symptoms, but rather towards bringing them to light.

We are bearing the heavy social duty of returning faith, light, hope and health to people

No more terrorism, no more tempting viral deceptions, no more spine-chilling death sentences.

No more experiments and clamorous, theatrical science-fiction operations where precarious survival even for a few hours or a few months is flaunted as a great scientific success rather than a ferocious therapeutic torment, a torture, based on immune suppressant anti-rejection drugs. No more life-long dependence on acidifying drugs and drugging supplements. Ours are the same noble motivations of original medicine based on solidarity with the weak and the defenceless, with children and aged people, with animals put into single-file to unwittingly wait for the creaking of the guillotine. We are for 360° protection of all creatures. We are for 360° freedom from injustice, from suffering and from violence and oppression. In fact we are talking about a new Magna-Charta of rights for all living beings without discrimination.

We live in a society which does everything to make us become ill, and to keep us ill

In theory, well-being which means being well, as the word says. It is the exact opposite of malaise, the absence of ‘evil’. Why only in theory? Because the absence of evil is a chimera, just an empty dream, in a society that seems just made to annihilate us, to strangle us, to obliterate us.

The individual, with about 50 daily attempts to his personal safety, has to become a mixture of Rambo, Zorro and Batman to dodge the poisons, the traps and the stress that either unwittingly he bestows on himself, or that are administered in a stream from outside.

The almost-utopia of not falling ill. Only 3 reasons why being without symptoms:

A)    He is dead, or so old and decrepit that he lacks all immune reactions.

B)    He is a perfect hygienist who never makes mistakes and is never subject to intoxication.

C)    He is a normal person with a high load of toxins, drugs, medicines, cadaverin, synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals (chemical crutches) and thereby for the moment enjoys a temporary immunity, despite living without brakes in a state of induced acceleration and suspended immune reactivity.

The continual alternation of intoxication and detoxification


Life is based on a continual game of see-saw between intoxication and detoxification. A daily loading up of poisons and toxins must correspond to daily discharge of equal measure and intensity. If this discharge doesn’t take place, we accumulate poisons until we exhaust our margin of tolerance, until we become saturated and blocked up, and enter into a region of toxaemia, poisoning and thickening the blood, and producing water retention. Paradoxically, the poisons such as meat, coffee, tea, salt, sugar, aspartame, alcohol, vitamins and supplements, which make us feel well temporarily by increasing stress and chemically accelerating the heartbeat, in the end leave us doped, depressed and defeated.

Living in a drugged state means living in a state of apparent immunity


A normal person, i.e. polluted and drugged, that lives for long periods in similar conditions and in a state of apparent immunity, is in reality accumulating an unsustainable load of toxins, and is coming closer and closer to those big pathologies and those inextricable knots that arrive to the comb, and that we know well. “Have you heard about So and So? He was well, but suddenly he became very ill”, is a typical comment that we hear. This is why some of my theses have apparently provocative titles, such as The Blessing of a Fever, or Welcome to seasonal Flu.

Welcomingly accept a fever and flu, and intensify their effect with pure water fasting


When we are in the presence of a heavily intoxicated body, nothing and no-one in the world exists that is able to cure it, if not the one, often painful process of the expulsion of toxins, called symptomatic disease, or the alarm red light, while the  real behavioural, alimentary-iatrogenic cause of the disease is careful not to reveal itself, and it remains upstream, hidden away from all criticism. Therefore it is just absurd to oppose fevers and influenza. It is equally absurd even to prevent them. It is like prohibiting oneself the right to be cured.

Every medical cure forces the patient to remain sick. The ideal rather would be to give a helping hand to the flu with the force of a pure water fast, thereby intensifying the eliminative crisis already underway.

Toxic saturation brings about a state of immune confusion

The intensity of toxic discharge depends on the gravity of the internal pathological state, and on the vitality of the immune system. If someone is saturated with toxins, he may even start to find it unbearable to eat an apple, a strawberry, an orange, a cherry or a fig.

It would be like saying that diesel is no longer good for a diesel engine, and that petrol is not the right fuel for the combustion engine. It is not allergies to the various kinds of fruit, but the toxic saturation and the immune system which is temporarily driving us crazy.

Toxic discharges preferably start during moments of relax


Toxic discharges consist of  manifestations such as fever, mucous, eruptions, migraine, tumours, calcification, obesity, acidification and various inflammations. The reaction which make one feel sick often are unleashed in conjunction with our improved behaviour, when we are taking a relaxing holiday, when we are purifying or lightening our diet, while we are making a truce with our bodies and our minds.

The eliminative crisis is the great misunderstanding of the detoxification-phase


Many people, above all doctors, refuse and fear hygiene and fasting because they are not ready to undergo the detoxifying process of discharging poisons.

For them it is better to resort to a coffee and a cigarette, to support the altered rhythm.

Other people who are willing at the beginning, accept the challenge and take on the journey thinking: from today no more meat, no more coffee and smoking, no more stress, so that I will never get sick again.

Then the eliminative crisis hits them and they become frightened and they quit. And afterwards such people may even testify in favour of the adversaries, saying that they tried it, but it doesn’t work.

Good behaviour does good, and bad behaviour causes big problems. There are still people who have not understood this!


But how is it possible! I go to Bermuda on holiday, eat very lightly, lots of ripe fruit, and ZAC the disease pins me down! Why? Does behaving oneself really do harm? Being in a hurry, drinking coffee and going to McDonalds, taking medicines and being vaccinated – do these make us well and protect us?

People have to learn to reason in terms of the long run. All drugs, all poisons, stress, like amphetamines prop up and stimulate in the short term, but demolish and depress in the in the long term. As long as we are super-active, in constant acceleration and under a kind of antagonistic stress, slaves to complex digestive processes, our immune system will be decapitated, and without the energy to impose and conduct its detoxifying workshop.

As much as goes in has to come out, otherwise we accumulate poisons


All said and done, the re-equilibrating mechanism is simple, and is based on the banal fact that everything that we put in, also has to come out. Pure air (20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen) goes in, and comes out as CO2, as exhausted, bad, carbonized air. Water goes in and often doesn’t come out as urine or sweat, but remains trapped, captured by salts and by poisons.

A tennis court and the daily game of health


Food is seen by the body as nutrients to be used, or as poisons to be expelled, renal filtration permitting. The immune system discharges excesses and poisons in fat, in tumours and in joints. It can count on 160 central-lines of lymph nodes, on 200 only in the intestine which has an incredible assimilative surface of 400-600 square metres – equivalent to a tennis court. And it is exactly here in this court that one plays daily the game of our life, the game of health or disease, of victory or defeat.

The cure of the non-cure doesn’t mean absolutely not caring about diseases and their upsets


Hygienism is based on absolute reverence towards nature, towards the creator, towards good principles that good sense and a good conscience inspires us towards. The cure of the non-cure does not at all mean not caring a damn about the infirm, about pain and suffering, or about cutaneous eruptions and obesity. The cure of the non-cure rather means not curing symptoms, but rather taking global and radical care of the subject, reviewing his intoxicating life-style which is actually the real disease up stream.

The medicine of today lacks sound principles


And it is exactly on its sound principles that hygienism collides with medicine. What today’s medicine lacks are the good, fundamental principles of health, of ecology and of spirituality. They are very good at losing themselves in the analyses and the details, in the minutiae, in the

differentiations and classifications of more than 30,000 pathologies.

Who is the real quack, the real smoke seller?


The word quack or charlatan is constantly used by doctors with regard to whoever dares to haunt the field of medicine and disease, without possessing a degree and a specialization in medicine. In fact super quacks, sorcerers and sellers of pipe-dreams have existed from time immemorial.

The problem is that often the most active chimney is precisely the allopathic doctor, or maybe even the homeopath.

Charlatanry with a title


A charlatan is one who promises cures without delivering them, or one who makes normal, natural processes that are taken for granted, appear to be his cures.

Removing a cancerous tissue which is not a cancer, and making it appear to be a curative act, is a typical case. Transplanting, vaccinating and drugging are all professional charlatanry, swindles, illusion and false pretences. Charlatanry in itself is already an ugly thing. Charlatanry with a title, with exclusive rights and legal protection, and the consequent the arrogance and presumption that accompanies it, becomes something extremely serious, so serious as to have the after-taste of the sanitary Nazi-mafia regime, and the Codex Alimentarius.

The real meaning of the word CURE


When today’s retrograde  medicine, fully realizes that stopping a system with drugs, does not mean curing, that surgically removing a tumour is not equal to saving, that removing a gland is not equal to re-equilibrating, that transplanting an organ is not equal to regaining one’s own body, but to drowning in the sinking sands of rejection, then medicine will  have taken a step forward, and not three steps backwards.

To the eternal research of doping and inhibiting substances


Humility seems to be a rare commodity in the medical field. So lessons of the past teach very little. So medicine is desperately searching for new special substances in jungles and beneath the oceans, to inhibit this, and inhibit that, but who searches for something to inhibit their own eternal immaturity, their own incurable cure-mania?

Activate and regularize your body and your spirit


Don’t search for cures and don’t search for the cleverest therapists; don’t search for magic substances outside yourselves. They don’t exist.

The real magic is your body and your  emotions which have been built in a perfect manner, in a divine manner. Allow them to be in a state where they can function and heal themselves.

Freeing oneself from filth is a priority
Clean yourselves and detoxify yourselves.  “The filth inside human bodies, is unimaginable”, wrote Arnold Ehret, unheeded in 1916 on the eve of the Spanish epidemic. If they have amputated your leg, it will be difficult to make it grow again. If you are dry, fallen leaves, it will be difficult to promise you eternal life in the present body. But if there is still the will to live, and if there is still vitality and the fighting spirit in you, defend it with all your might. Have faith in nature and in the immune system.

A synthetic decalogue of the detoxification steps

Clean yourselves using the means that ever generous nature offers us:

1)      Thoughts,  mind,  self relaxation techniques, yoga

2)      Air, breathing, movement, aerobics, hard exercise.

3)      Water.

4)      Sunlight.

5)      Fruit and vegetables, roots, tubers and sprouts.

6)      Raw food. Avoid the cooking which destroys and transforms (especially in microwave ovens  and pressure cookers, prolonged cooking, reheating, etc.)

7)      Seeds and whole unprocessed cereals preferably  pre-soaked to shorten cooking times.

8)      Intestinal receptivity, to be re-created  re-habituating the system to raw food, modulating the quantities, dissolving the glue-like sticky casein which covers the villi.

9)      Motivation. Fight for the things you believe in. Fight against vivisection, slaughter houses, hunting and fishing

10)   Smiles, generosity, love, amusement, relaxation, with respect to the inalienable concept that man needs bread to eat, but he also needs to enjoy life.

Intelligent concessions about innocent sins

Hygiene therefore not like some unbearable negativist trap of not this and not that. No military prohibitions and no religious fanaticism, but an intelligent concession towards venal violations. However strict observations of basic principles, eliminating the deadly sins of cadaverin and the dependence on every type of legal and illegal drug. Even the idea of being able to do without coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking, meat, dairy products and sweets, is positive and relaxing.


After all,  hygienism represents a life line for everyone

In nature there are cats and mice, ants and ant-eaters, reptiles and mongooses. Every animal has its predator. Every body has its antibody. Every theory has it anti-theory. But not medicine. And this is why it became an unopposed social cancer. It is not by chance that we live in a full-blown sanitary regime. Hygiene is education, healthy civility, a countermeasure against indispensable medicine that its exuberance and its sanitary invasiveness. Do tensions and arguments exist? Do belligerent sparks shower with Codex? Of course. We can’t deny it. Big Pharma won’t abandon the bone so easily. Nevertheless, all said and done, hygienism remains an act of love towards all humanity, and therefore paradoxically it represents a life belt even towards doctors, pharmacists, hunters and butchers, who today all stand with the adversary.

Directed and piloted confusion

Contradictory information and data? Heard everything contradicted by everything? Certainly the phenomenon exists. The confusion is not casual, but piloted wisely, with the criteria of confusing and ruling. Aetiology, or the causes of disease, is not after all such an intricate and contradictory enigma as medicine tends to make out.

A televised interview with Professor Franco Mandelli

To the barons and big names of Italian universities, is offered a personal full blown television tribute, without the possibility of being contradicted. On the 15th of December, I was listening to the TV and one of the most highly entitled Italian doctors, Professor Franco Mandelli, appeared, surrounded by the greatest haematologists on the world’s stage. He presented his new book, A Life Without Cancer, and went into his long life as a scientist and as President-Founder of AIL (Italian Association against Leukaemia), regretting that Italian parents still existed, who take their children to be cured in other countries, when the whole world is jealous about the excellent, advanced national medical facilities. We are not accusing Mandelli of lying, but only of using the normal medical criteria of ‘domesticating’ the statistics. One question regarding the results arises; Mandelli declared without batting an eyelid, that once upon a time all children with leukaemia died, while today thanks to medicines, we save 80% of them. Is this true or false? Mandelli was very careful not to quote the causes and motives of leukaemia, and statistics, left in the hands of those who have interests in ‘taming’ them, too often come to aberrant results. To say that in the past all died, is very reductive. Many died (not all) because no-one closed their poisonous taps, and because the cures were much worse than the disease itself. And therefore that 100% initial mortality, is adulterated data to be corrected. The 80% that are cured thanks to drugs today? This is absolutely manipulated and unreliable data.

Medicine is the queen of gilding their pills

You need to look at the thesis “The tumour zone and the cancer zone” of 28/01/09, to realize how these statistics are overblown and distorted. We know all too well what the medical concept of ‘curing’ is. One who, in order to survive even for a short while, has to remain a constant slave to a chemical product, cannot be considered to be a person who is healed. From time immemorial medicine has always been queen of gilding the pills, even the bitterest ones. If one survives precariously for some months, or some years, supported by bio-chemical crutches, he is catalogued as person who was cured, and benefitted from the cure, without any considerations of quality.

From leucopenia to leukaemia.

A deficit of white blood cells below the margin of 6000 units per cubic mm, and we are in a state of leucopenia, or lack of immunity. Beyond 6,000-10,000 a quota that increases with intense exercise, fever, stress, pregnancy and heavy digestion, and we enter into the leukaemia zone where the excess leucocytes start interfering with the production of red blood cells and platelets, causing anaemia, haemorrhage and cardio-pathology.

A concrete case of cure without drugs
At this point we report what  Manuel Lezaeta wrote in the text Natural Medicine Within Everyone’s Reach.  In September, 1957 a 10 year old boy, Alessandro Diaz Vog, was visited by Professor R.E. a specialist from Harvard University in Boston. After an accurate and minute examination, the boy was declared to be done for by leukaemia, or cancer of the blood. He was given a maximum of one month to live, or 6 months if he underwent intense pharmacological cure. Alessandro was then taken to Dr. Taylor, eminent doctor of  haematology at the University of Chicago, and the same tragic verdict was confirmed to him.

In only 15 days Alessandro Diaz’s spleen ceased to be inflamed.

In November 1957, his father Sergio Diaz, in desperation took his son to Lezaeta’s study. An examination of the iris showed up the presence of dense, altered blood, and thus not a tragic situation at all. In fact 15 days was enough to make the cancerous or immature cells (as they were defined by medical terminology), disappear from the vital fluid. Steam and cold water baths, mud poultices on the lower abdomen to decongestion the clogged up intestines, a rigorous diet based on fruit and raw salad, accompanied by walnuts and almonds, produced the miracle of overcoming the inflammation of the spleen.

The case that we have just cited shows that leukaemia is curable without drugs, no matter what Mandelli thinks about it. Seven months later Alessandro was re-examined at the Joaquin Aguirre hospital in Santiago in Chile, and the total disappearance of the immature cells, as well as the decongestion of the spleen, which previously was seen to be deformed and seriously inflamed, was confirmed. Eight months later, without a single pharmaceutical, not only was the boy not dead, but he was perfectly cured, and had recuperated his colour and his great will to live.

Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, unsuitable food, various poisons and cellular malnutrition

To stay on the theme of aetiology of disease, results show that all the intoxications are generated by vaccines, pharmaceuticals, unsuitable food (all kinds of meat, dairy products, drinks, chlorinated and fluorinated water, stale air, polluted air, smoke). These intoxications alter the digestive pH, the intestinal flora and the enzymatic equilibrium due to which the amount of oxygen carried to cells and tissues decreases, while the build up of unaccompanied positive ions and free radicals increases. This brings about inflammations and micro-ulcerations in the delicate mucous membrane of the intestine, and thus an altered osmosis, the decreased ability to absorb nutritive substances, the production of parasitic micro-organisms, micro-toxins, worms and Candida. Everything translates into cellular malnutrition with abnormal and precocious cell-death.

Malnourished cells equals oxidative stress and chain reaction diseases

Malnourished cells and tissues, reduced to a state of oxidized and inflammatory stress, generate an infinite variety of symptoms improperly called diseases, while the true disease is always the intoxicating mechanism, which remains undisturbed and untouched up stream. Paracelsus wrote that in the intestine is found the cradle of death. If man ignores and underestimates the colon, Paracelsus’ pessimism is not at all exaggerated.

The pecuniary factor is an obstacle to clarity

The ideological battle between omnivores and vegans, between raw food eaters and cooked food eaters, between people who are pro-cheese and anti-cheese, is becoming factious, hard and a daily occurrence. An alimentary confusion at the level of art, so that it appears that nobody is wrong and nobody is right, so it becomes inevitable that the same old routine and the same old habits continue. Un-fortunately in the middle lies the pecuniary factor, which prevents objective and transparent research into the truth. Who is right? Raw food means vitality, clean blood and rapid digestion – we know it all too well.

No doubts exist about the harmfulness of dairy products

Milk contains casein, a powerful glue used in naval shipyards.

Milk creates a sticky film on the mucous membrane of the intestine, and on its villi (fine hair-like protuberances) preventing functionality and absorption. Milk acidifies and robs more calcium than it provides. We don’t have to discuss this subject in great detail.

Even sticky gluten can cause damage if it is not accompanied by raw vegetables

Even gluten, the sticky protein used by upholsterers, leaves a sticky coating on tissues, especially if we eat cereals in excessive quantities and not accompanied by enough fruit and vegetables. But cereals contain a lot of the B group vitamins, so it’s not appropriate to demonize them too much, but only to limit and select them.

We have to care religiously for our intestine.

People continue to apply creams against eczema and psoriasis, to their faces. They continue to take aspirin and various medicines against rheumatism and arthritis, without caring even minimally for their clogged up intestines It’s as if they had a semi-blocked, badly smelling drain in the bathroom and stubbornly they keep perfuming the atmosphere with a spray. The intestine is not only given to digestion, but it is also the seat of the immune system, which makes it subject to our state of mind.

Creativity, intuition, humour, enthusiasm, require a well functioning intestine.

95% of serotonin, the neuro-transmitter which influences our moods, is produced in the intestine. Emotions are born prevalently in the intestine, and not in the head – something that we notice every time we liberate ourselves from the waste products. If on the other hand we are constipated, we find ourselves with depression, with an enlarged spleen and unbalanced glands. 90% of information that passes between head and intestine, proceeds from below up, and not vice versa. Thus our intestine has so many things to say to our mind. The intestine is the seat of creativity, and even the seat of intuition. If it is intoxicated by waste, not only is it not resupplied with nutrients, on the contrary, it is poisoned. And at that point the immune system is weakened and we start to become seriously ill, and more and more in the course of the years.

A reverent thought towards the Creator is obligatory

From the chemical point of view a man contains sufficient water to fill a 42 litre barrel.                  He has enough fat to make 7 bars of soap, enough carbon for 9,000 pencils, enough phosphorus and sulphur for 2,200 matches, iron for a medium sized brooch, and soda to clean an entire chicken shed.   For a physiologist, man is a collection of metabolic processes and enzymatic activities.                          For the psychologist, man is a collection of congenital and acquired reflexes created by imprinting.   For a physicist he is an agitation of infinite particles.                                                                          In reality man is something more than all these partial relations.                                                       Man is an impressive and amazing creature.                                                                                    Who can study anatomy and physiology without feeling a sense of marvel and fear?                     Our thoughts are really miserable compared to the complexity of our organism.                            Lets try to be worthy and humble servants of the great intelligence that created us.


Valdo Vaccaro – Technical Director AVA-Rome and ABIN-Bergamo.